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Region: Corinthia

Bizios Estate

The winery Bizios Estate was founded by Elias Bizios in 1998. He is the son of a viticulturist and was born and raised in Asprokampos, Nemea, a mountainous village that has an altitude of 900 meters. His choice to deal with the family vineyard was almost a one-way street, since his love for the earth and the vine did not leave him any other options. His vocation did not only remain in the land. He envisioned making wine and through that traveling the taste of Greece to the world. His beloved variety is Agiorgitiko, dark crimson like the blood of Hercules, who the legend has it wanders in the same places to kill the notorious for the era lion of Nemea.

Lafazanis Winery

The Lafazanis Winery was built in 1993 by Oenologist Spyros Lafazanis in the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) area Nemea and specifically in the village of Ancient Cleones. The winemaker, utilizing Agiorgitiko as well as many other varieties, domestic and international, created luscious and tasteful wines, reflecting the company’s excellent know-how and the potential of the region. The facilities of the winery cover an area of ​​4,000 m². surrounded by 10 ha of private vineyards. The production capacity of the Winery is 4,000 tons per year. The technical facilities of the winery are structured to combine modern technology with traditional techniques and environmental consciousness. The winery is open all year round and is easily accessible from Agios Vasilios – Ancient Cleon, at the 104th km of Athens National Road, Tripoli.

Lantides Estate

Panicos Lantides, the founder of Ktima Lantides Estate, is Cypriot and has studied viticulture and oenology in France (Montpellier and Bordeaux). He has produced wine in Nemea, Attica and Mantinia, working as an oenologist for a large Greek winery and used his experience in the land where he dreamt his own vineyard and winery to be, in Nemea. Ktima Lantides Estate began in 1993 and is a family business which has now integrated the family’s second generation. He acquired a privately-owned winery in 2000 and the also privately-owned vineyard (35 hectares today) which spreads across Asprocampos in Nemea (at an altitude of 650m), in Scotini (at an altitude of 650m as well) for red and white varieties respectively (native and international) and Koutsi of Nemea (at an altitude of 700m).

Palivou Estate

In a place with vast history of vine growing and winemaking, going back 3.500 years, the PDO wine region of Nemea is blessed with an amazing array of terroirs and diverse microclimates, providing wines of impeccable characteristics.

Palivou Estate is a family-run winery established in 1995 in Ancient Nemea.
The family owns 40 hectares of vineyards that are exclusively cultivated with organic and sustainable methods, also in align with principles of biodynamic farming. With solid experience and excellent cultivating techniques we help the vines express their character through their grapes and that is translated in your bottle.

We produce high quality wines from indigenous Greek as well as international varieties, expressing the terroir of Nemea and our passion.

What is certain, however, is that the family’s winery entered the modern era in 1995, when its equipment began to be modernized and it was established in the Greek wine world. In the second decade of the 21st century Palivou Estate changed generation, when the two dynamic daughters of George Palivos were old enough so that, after the appropriate studies, they could dynamically enter all the stages of the business. From the vineyard to… social networking, through the production of the wine itself, off course. All this next to their proud father who continues fiercely, experimenting on organic, even biodynamic viticulture.

Organic Vineyards Papaioannou

Thanasis Papaioannou, who founded Organic vineyards Papaioannou, is one of the emblematic figures of Greek wine and one of the first wine growers-producers of Greece who adopted and supported the idea of authentic Greek terroirs and their wines, with respect to the environment and its balance. In their large (around 60 hectares) privately owned vineyard in different parts of Nemea (like Xerokampos, at an altitude of 400 m., Ancient Nemea, Valtetsi etc.), Thanasis Papaioannou has made sure to plant the ideal varietal, native or international, depending on the particular mesoclimate.
In Organic vineyards Papaioannou, which are cultivated organically, Thanasis’s son, George, a chemist-oenologist, continues this tradition, in the same exact framework, aiming at the improvement of the quality of their organic wines.

Semeli Estate

Founded in 1979, Semeli is a leading Greek winery and one of the country’s most significant wine-related developments. With deep roots in time-honored traditions and our eyes on the future, we produce wines of exceptional quality offering consumers best value for money.

In 2003, Semeli built a modern, stylishly designed winery set amidst company-owned vineyards in Koutsi, Corinthia. This state-of-the-art 4,200m² facility, is a benchmark winery at a national level both in terms of innovative layout and excellent services. Designed with respect for the natural environment and built on a vineyard covered hillslope with a long reputation of producing vintage grapes, the Semeli winery reflects our holistic approach to modern winemaking.

Its strategic location in the winemaking region of Nemea ensures a healthy vineyard ecosystem, while offering visitors stunning views in a peaceful and relaxing setting.

Domaine Bairaktaris

This great urge of psalm was following for years the family, from grandfather to grandson was growing traditionally their vineyards, in the ancient full of vineyards land of Nemea.
Till the youngest generation, decided in 2005 to give a new, modern form of the old dream. This is how Domaine Bairaktaris was created.
A family business, which is based on its private vineyards, well rooted on the valley of Nemea, where the fascinating ecosystem and the local climate, in combination with clayish fertile soil, give us the well-known wines of Nemea.
In Domaine Bairaktaris the varieties are growing in low quantity productivity.

In 2008, at the entrance of Nemea, just an hour from Athens, under the shadow of temple of Nemean Zeus, Domaine Bairaktaris opened its doors. The beautiful building, is hiding in it a modern technological equip, combined with the experience and the love for this job of the people of our winery, and uses all the modern methods on wine making, so every variety gets its best characteristics.
With feeling of respect for the region and responsibility for the conservation of the quality, welcomes the lovers of chosen wine and selective professionals.

Zacharias Vineyards

Zacharias joined the bottled wine game only in 2002 but the history of this large winery is long. Its winery, one of the oldest and most historic in Nemea, has been operating since 1960. The winemaker Ilias Zacharias is an agronomist and, since 1973, has placed the family winery on more modern bases. Zacharias vineyards are over 40 hectares, mainly on slopes, around the village of Leontio and are cultivated with an integrated management system (a part of them organically, for a number of organic wines). Anyway, respect to the environment, man, wine quality and their prices are the family’s principles (the second generation which is now actively contributing to the winery).

Domaine Gioulis

In a beautiful landscape, full of natural beauty and beautiful sights, Domaine Gioulis is located in the mountainous village of Klimenti (at an altitude of 960m), which is traditionally and historically tied to viticulture. After a study of the characteristics of this area, George Gioulis (agronomist and oenologist-wine taster, having studied in Bordeaux, France) chose it for his vineyard and winery (1993). This mountainous vineyard, certified for its organic production, something that is benefited by the area, has since been extended, while the second generation co-exists now in Domaine Gioulis. It is the wine producer’s children, who after concluding studies relevant to wine, have faith in the initial goal: the promotion of the authentic Greek vineyard of mountainous Corinthia (PGI Klementi) through the production of high quality wines and a good quality price ratio.

Estate Constantin Gofas

Estate Constantin Gofas has a long wine producing tradition since from 1959 it has been using a privately-owned vineyard in two top vineyards of Nemea, Kutsi and Daphni and has been producing wines in a traditional way for many years. Vineyard (today almost 8 hectares of native and international varieties, in integrated management cultivation) and winery have been extended and modernized by Constantin Gofas, since 1998, aiming at the production of high quality wines. Respect to tradition and to the characteristics of the terroir but also a close following of developments is the philosophy of wine production in Estate Constantin Gofas.

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