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Region: Corinthia

Lafkiotis Winery

The story of Lafkiotis Winery begins in 1963 when the family with the same name is already producing wines in Ancient Kleonai, in what would later be Nemea’s wine producing zone. There, very close to the unique temple of Ancient Greece dedicated to the demigod Hercules, Lafkiotis Winery produces its wines today, from strictly selected grapes and markets them both to the Greek market and many markets abroad.

Nemeion Estate

It was the year 2004 that George Vassiliou created his first «Hgemon/Sovereign» Nemea Grand Reserve and «Nemeion Estate» Nemea Reserve fine wines at the only, of that time, isobaric winery in the country. The vineyards, composed by 80.000 vines, are sited at 400 to 600 m above sea level. The microclimate, the soil and the waters in Nemea, create the ideal environment for the cultivation of Agiorgitiko, one of the best and most ancient varieties in the world, in the respective PDO zone. The vineyards are organicaly cultivated, certified by “ΔΗΩ”. 20% of the Seguin Moreau & Berthomieu barriques are renewed every year which leads to a total renewal of the cave within five years. Nemeion Estates only produces wines that mature in barriques and age in the bottle for many years without any compromise in quality.

Gaia Wines

The homeland of our vineyard, located at an altitude of 250 to 850m, offers a unique variability in soil and climate conditions within the PDO area of Nemea. The winery was built in 1997 at the heart of the private vineyard in Koutsi Nemea. Its production equipment and the high-quality control systems offer to the oenologist every state-of-the-art instrument for a vertical production of high-quality wine. The views of Nemea land from this altitude are stunning and worth a visit and a tasting of Gaia wines, just 1,5 hour drive from Athens.

Strofilia Estate

Our Strofilia winery in Asprokambos is located at the Stymfalia lake plateau, at an altitude of 800m. Featuring wine fermentation with grape capacity of up to 1,000 tons, this is the largest mountain winery in Greece. Here, we ferment both grapes from the Agiorgitiko variety to make our Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) NEMEA wine, and multiple variety grapes grown in Stymfalia and the neighboring mountain vineyards of Mamousia and Mantineia, to make Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wine. At the same time, the oenologist team at Strofilia is applying new methods of wine-making, researching the results of using a variety of materials (different barrels) and techniques, envisioning new products based on grapes and studying ways to produce them.

Domaine Nikolaou

The Domaine Nikolaou operates since 1984 in the region of “Ntouramani” Nemea. Founder and person in charge of the production is Giannis Nikolaou with studies on enology and viticulture at the University Bordeaux in France. The winery is equipped with modern installations and the private vineyard numbers 14he cultivated with organic methods, emphasizing on the character of the “terroir” and applying a natural approach during the production.

Giannikos Winery

The Giannikos Winery is a family owned organic winery based in Corinth on the Peloponnese in Greece. We own 8 ha of vines on two sites, one in Corinth around our winery and the other in Mycenae, near the famous archaeological site and birthplace of Greek viticulture almost 4,000 years ago. We believe that a good wine has its roots in the vineyard from healthy and natural vines. That’s why we cultivated and produce strictly organic. Today we are considered as one of the leading organic wineries in Greece and we export 80% of our production all over the world. All our wines are single varietal because we are convinced that this way, we can show our passion for quality and give each grape variety the attention that it deserves. We have been awarded several times at international wine competitions such as AWC Vienna and Millesime Bio.

Domaine Repanis

Nicolaos Repanis and his family got involved with wine in 1986. The family owned Domaine Repanis was a life dream, the realization of which began in 2000 and was concluded in 2003. The selection of the land of Nemea was made after great research and the traditional, functional and modernly equipped winery was built at the foot of the Panagia Mountain, in Xerokampos, amongst vineyards. Domaine Repanis has a privately-owned vineyard which is cultivated organically and hosts native and international grape varieties.