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PGI wines of Peloponnese

Peloponnesian PGI wines (Protected Geographical Indication), according to national and European wine legislation do not belong to the same quality category as PDO wines, but to a great extent, they demonstrate originality and authenticity in terms of their varieties and production areas.

Similar to all Greek PGI wines, Peloponnesian PGI wines can be divided into 3 categories, depending on the area their zones cover:

  1. PGI Regional wines (Regions),
  2. PGI District wines (former Prefectures), and
  3. PGI Area Wines.

Peloponnesian PGI wines are the following:

PGI Regional wines
PGI Peloponnese

PGI District wines
PGI Argolis, PGI Arcadia, PGI Achaia, PGI Ilia, PGI Corinthia, PGI Laconia, PGI Messinia

PGI Area Wines
PGI Klimenti, PGI Letrina, PGI Pisatis, PGI Slopes of Aigialia, PGI Slopes of Petroto, PGI Pylia, PGI Tegea, PGI Trifilia