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Gaia Wines

The homeland of our vineyard, located at an altitude of 250 to 850m, offers a unique variability in soil and climate conditions within the PDO area of Nemea. The winery was built in 1997 at the heart of the private vineyard in Koutsi Nemea. Its production equipment and the high-quality control systems offer to the oenologist every state-of-the-art instrument for a vertical production of high-quality wine. The views of Nemea land from this altitude are stunning and worth a visit and a tasting of Gaia wines, just 1,5 hour drive from Athens.


  • Why it’s worth visiting:
    Just one and a half hours from Athens and half an hour from Nafplio, the winery of GAIA WINES in the village of Koutsi of Nemea, a member of the association of wine producers “Wine Routes of Peloponnese”, is waiting for you for unique wine and travel experiences. During your visit, you can tour the vineyard where KTIMA GAIAS and GAIA S are produced, take a tour of the production, bottling and aging areas and of course enjoy a tasting of the wines produced in Nemea and Santorini. The location of our winery offers you the opportunity to continue your excursion to the Environmental Museum, Lake Stymfalia and the temple of Zeus in Ancient Nemea.
    Visit to the winery on weekends by appointment.
  • Open days & hours:
    Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00 (last tasting organised at 15:00) – Weekends by appointment.
  • Tour:
    Vineyard, Cellar, Tasting Room
  • Tour duration:
    45 min – 1 hour
  • Tour languages:
    Greek, English
  • Tour cost:
    €16 for 4 wines, €20 for 8 wines
  • Tasting room:
    Groups of up to 20 people
  • Number of wines tasted:
    Up to 8 wines
  • Wine shop:
  • Credit card:
  • Label number:
  • PDO Wines:
  • Annual production:
    300,000 bottles
  • Parking:
  • Children reception:
  • Accesible by people with disabilities:
  • Free WiFi: