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Lantides Estate

Panicos Lantides, the founder of Ktima Lantides Estate, is Cypriot and has studied viticulture and oenology in France (Montpellier and Bordeaux). He has produced wine in Nemea, Attica and Mantinia, working as an oenologist for a large Greek winery and used his experience in the land where he dreamt his own vineyard and winery to be, in Nemea. Ktima Lantides Estate began in 1993 and is a family business which has now integrated the family’s second generation. He acquired a privately-owned winery in 2000 and the also privately-owned vineyard (35 hectares today) which spreads across Asprocampos in Nemea (at an altitude of 650m), in Scotini (at an altitude of 650m as well) for red and white varieties respectively (native and international) and Koutsi of Nemea (at an altitude of 700m).


  • Why it’s worth visiting:
    Because the neoclassical style winery in Ktima Lantides Estate is of unique aesthetics for Nemea and offers independent hospitality and dining facilities for up to 20 people. Moreover, because the second, new generation in Ktima Lantides Estate follows the tradition of the founder and active wine producer-father of this family business but has added to it an entirely fresh character which makes Ktima Lantides Estate even more attractive.
  • Open days & hours:
    Open to visitors throughout the year, upon request, daily 10:00-18:00.
  • Tour:
    Of the vineyard, winery, cellar, tasting room.
  • Tour duration:
    40 minutes
  • Tour languages:
    Greek, English, French, Russian
  • Tour cost:
    5-20 €, upon request and depending on what is offered.
  • Tasting room:
    The tasting room in Ktima Lantides Estate is fully and perfectly equipped and can host up to 20 people at the same time.
  • Number of wines tasted:
    3-11, upon request, accompanied by traditional products (local cheeses, rusks, delicatessen, fruits)
  • Wine shop:
    At Lantides Estate you can taste and buy wines. Special packaging for the wines and their delivery, in cooperation with a local wine store.
  • Credit card:
  • Label number:
  • PDO Wines:
  • Annual production:
    300,000 bottles
  • Parking:
  • Guesthouse:
  • Children reception:
    Ktima Lantides Estate does not offer anything special for the reception of children but juice is offered during the tour.
  • Accesible by people with disabilities:
  • Free WiFi: