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Organic Vineyards Papaioannou

Thanasis Papaioannou, who founded Organic vineyards Papaioannou, is one of the emblematic figures of Greek wine and one of the first wine growers-producers of Greece who adopted and supported the idea of authentic Greek terroirs and their wines, with respect to the environment and its balance. In their large (around 60 hectares) privately owned vineyard in different parts of Nemea (like Xerokampos, at an altitude of 400 m., Ancient Nemea, Valtetsi etc.), Thanasis Papaioannou has made sure to plant the ideal varietal, native or international, depending on the particular mesoclimate.
In Organic vineyards Papaioannou, which are cultivated organically, Thanasis’s son, George, a chemist-oenologist, continues this tradition, in the same exact framework, aiming at the improvement of the quality of their organic wines.


  • Why it’s worth visiting:
    Because Organic vineyards Papaioannou are the live tradition of Nemea. It is where emphasis is placed on land, vine and grape and if we consider that the French believe that 80% of fine wine is good grape, this is a very good choice. Also because in Organic vineyards Papaioannou one can taste wines from some of the oldest vines in the area, in the neoclassical style winery, which has an interesting space for the ageing of wines (underground cellar).
  • Open days & hours:
    Οpen for visits throughout the year,
    Monday-Saturday 09:00-15:00 & 17:00-19:00,
    Sunday 10:00-14:00 & 17:00-19:00.
  • Tour:
    Of the winery, cellar, tasting room.
  • Tour duration:
    30 – 60 minutes
  • Tour languages:
    Greek, English, French, German
  • Tour cost:
  • Tasting room:
    The tasting room in Organic vineyards Papaioannou is fully equipped and can serve 50 or more people for group tastings or up to 7 for individual ones.
  • Number of wines tasted:
    Up to 21
  • Wine shop:
    Organic vineyards Papaioannou have a special wine shop (on discount compared to market prices) in which organic raisin and petimezi (something like molasses but made of grapes) are also sold. Special packaging is offered for wines.
  • Credit card:
  • Label number:
  • Organic production:
  • PDO Wines:
  • Annual production:
    300,000 bottles
  • Parking:
  • Accesible by people with disabilities:
  • Free WiFi: