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Region: Achaia

Mega Spileo Estate

Mega Spileo. A name that travels through time and a breathtaking landscape. High mountains, age-old forests, and slopes overgrown with vines that seem to float over steep cliffs and deep gorges. Here, in the heart of Chelmos, in the blessed place of the historic monastic vineyard, the legends, traditions and wine stories that have been passed down from generation to generation meet. Today, the Mega Spileo Estate continues to honour this great viticultural heritage, creating distinctive wines with a strong personality that express the charismatic terroir and the unique microclimate of the region. Exclusive programmes also include the option of accommodation at the Amario Suites Hotel in Aegio, a top five-star travel destination that offers premium wine experiences to guests and friends of the Estate.

Orfanos Estate

Orfanos Estate is located on the west side of the Achaia Prefecture, northwest of the Peloponnese, on the suburb of Patras called Paralia. The mild Mediterranean climate and rich soils that characterize the area, make it suitable for vine cultivation.

The privately-owned vineyards both in Paralia Patras and Palaia Peristera in Western Achaia, provide the raw material for the quality winemaking which takes place in the contemporary winery of the Estate.

The determining factors for the high quality of our wines are not only the privileged climate and the excellent potential of the cultivated land but also the selected varieties. These include the Greek Malagouzia, Mavrodaphne, Assyrtiko, Roditis as well as the foreign Merlot and Syrah.

Since 2022, Orfanos Estate turned to different styles of vinification and proceeded to the production of vegan and natural wines. The exclusive use of products of plant origin for the clarification, the expression of indigenous yeasts and the mild intervention in our products, are all achievements we are proud of.

Achaia Clauss

ΑCHAIA CLAUSS, located on the namesake hill, was founded in 1861 by the Bavarian Gustav Clauss. On one of his trips, he got to know the region and was impressed by its stunning scenery. He initially bought a vineyard of just 15 acres and eventually built the Winecastle, still preserved until today.He created the sweet red wine Mavrodaphne of Patras in 1873 from his vineyard, after he had realized the potential of this variety and was already making excellent dry wine. Hence the order of the great Franz Liszt, who sent him a letter ordering some bottles of dry Mavrodaphne. Gustav Clauss is considered to be the inventor and establisher of the concept of Wine Tourism in Greece, following the visit of Austro-Hungarian Empress Sissi in 1885, in whose honor he even named a cellar (Imperial Cellar). Τhe year of 1899 was a milestone year, as Gustav Clauss brought a harvest from the mountain slopes of Kalavryta and bottled Demestica for the first time in Greece. Demestica became the ambassador of Greek winemaking methods, cutting across borders and rapidly spreading the reputation of Gustav’s winery around the world. In 1918 ACHAIA CLAUSS went under Greek ownership. Its facilities and winemaking methods are gradually modernized.


Cavino, in Aigio, is one of the largest wineries of Greece. Its neoclassical architecture premises are one of the best examples of industrial wine and beverage production units in the country, with a huge exporting activity, to dozens of countries. In 2009, Cavino had been awarded the “Best Winery in Greece Award” by the English magazine “Wine and Spirits Magazine”. Domaine Mega Spileo, of the same owner, on the 21st kilometer of the road that connects Diakopto and Kalavryta, is a unique winery with a limited production of high quality wines. It has a distinctive, traditional architecture (stone) and is situated in an area of spectacular beauty, at an altitude of 880 meters and a view of the Vouraikos Canyon. Its story basically begins in 1550, as it is connected directly to the monastery with the same name, which is a wonderful attraction of the area itself.

Rouvalis Winery (Oenoforos)

Rouvalis Winery was founded in 1990 by Angelos Rouvalis, an oenologist and graduate of Bordeaux, who comes from a vine-growing family of Aigion. It was one of the pioneering establishments that contributed to the upgrading of the quality of the Greek wines in the 1990s.

In 1994 the prototype gravity-flow winery and the first experimental vineyard were established.

Today, 30 years since its foundation, the winery passes into the hands of a new generation headed by Theodora Rouvali, an oenologist with a MSc in Viticulture and professional experience in many vineyards (France, Chile, Spain, New Zealand) and Antonio Ruiz Pañego, a Spanish oenologist with lot of experience at some of the best Grand Cru of Burgundy.


The family-owned traditional winery Sant’or is located in the historic village Santomeri of Achaia, 30km from Patras, at an altitude of 600m amidst a biodynamic-organic vineyard. Our vineyard covers 4 hectares including local Greek varieties such as Roditis, Maurodafni, Santameriana, Agiorgitiko and 3.2 hectares of olive trees with the local varieties Stafiloelia and Koronia. The family winery incorporates all modern vinification methods. It is situated on the north-western side of Peloponnese at the foothills of Mt Skolli. According to myth, Hercules had moved part of this mountain from Mt Erimanthos. Homer refers of the district as ”Oleniin Petri“. The name Santomeri comes from the French garrison commander Nicolas de Saint-Omer (1273), who had camped there during the Frankish domination of the region.Tradition has it that here is where the wife of Constantinos Palaiologos, the last Byzantine Emperor, died.

Parparousis Winery

Parparoussis Winery was founded in 1974, by the oenologist Thanasis Parparoussis and his wife, Vasso. Today, the second generation (their daughters Erifili and Demetra), participates actively in all the levels of the business. However, the primary goal, which is the enhancement and promotion of Greek varieties, whose dynamics allows them to successfully enter the international wine pallet, remains.
Parparoussis Winery produces most of its wines from grape coming from its privately-owned vineyards in Movri Achaia and Mpozaitika Patras where its winery is situated. Among them, the sweet wine of PDO Muscat Rio of Patras which is considered world class.

Tetramythos Winery

Tetramythos is an organic winery located in Aegialia and specifically inside the protected Natura geopark of Chelmos- Vouraikos, at North-west Peloponnese.
The area’s geodiversity combines impressive gorge, forests, cold springs, rivers and lakes among the high and steep slopes of Aroania mountains. This region has a longstanding tradition in winemaking and viticulture, as can be found in many ancient chronicles. The winery produces organic, minimal intervention, terroir-driven wines, reflecting the quality and the elegance of this cool climate region, mostly from indigenous Greek grape varieties.
The beginning was made by the brothers Aristides & Stathis Spanos, born and raised in this region, along with the also local, pioneering & experienced oenologist Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos. The winery was established in 2004 and more than 85% of the annual production is exported in 25 different countries.

Antonopoulos Vineyards

«With big dreams come great responsibilities». This was the vision of Konstantinos Antonopoulos, founder of Antonopoulos K. Vineyards. It was Christmas of 1983 when he initiated the cultivation of the vineyard in the region of Vasiliko in Achaia, a dream to come true. He chose the location of the vineyard because of its altitude, northerly orientation, natural protection from wind, and particularly the clay soil with sufficient underground water. He planted both classic international and local grape varieties. The vision of Antonopoulos K. Vineyards has always been the exploration of the vast, untapped potential of this diverse landscape, especially the mountainous region of Achaia and the unique winemaking opportunities it presented. We continue this vision by investing in local high-altitude vineyards, believing in the soil, loving and respecting our vines, and having a passion for crafting wines that evoke the land.

Kintonis Winery

Kintonis Winery has been active in wine production since the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. After its last, great investments, it has a fully equipped winery with state of the art equipment, various quality control systems, able to satisfy great production needs.
This way it can aim at markets such as those of hypermarkets. The exports done by Kintonis Winery are just as large in dozens of countries, always focusing on its goal: the best possible quality, in the now most competitive prices.

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