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Antonopoulos Vineyards

«With big dreams come great responsibilities». This was the vision of Konstantinos Antonopoulos, founder of Antonopoulos K. Vineyards. It was Christmas of 1983 when he initiated the cultivation of the vineyard in the region of Vasiliko in Achaia, a dream to come true. He chose the location of the vineyard because of its altitude, northerly orientation, natural protection from wind, and particularly the clay soil with sufficient underground water. He planted both classic international and local grape varieties. The vision of Antonopoulos K. Vineyards has always been the exploration of the vast, untapped potential of this diverse landscape, especially the mountainous region of Achaia and the unique winemaking opportunities it presented. We continue this vision by investing in local high-altitude vineyards, believing in the soil, loving and respecting our vines, and having a passion for crafting wines that evoke the land.


  • Why it’s worth visiting:
    Since 2013 Antonopoulos K. Vineyards and Achaia Clauss belong to the same wine family and they co-exist in the winery of Achaia Clauss. Once in a lifetime opportunity for our visitors to learn about the history of the two greatest wineries of the Achaia region and taste the wines that laid the foundations for quality Greek winemaking.
  • Open days & hours:
    Everyday 10:30-18:30
  • Tour:
    The Antonopoulos K. Vineyards and Achaia Clauss team offer two different tour programs that allow the visitor to travel through the centuries and taste the authentic aromas of Achaia. During these tours, you will visit Cellar No9 inside of which are kept barrels with sweet mavrodaphne, and learn the history of Achaia Clauss. Next, you will continue to the exhibition «Varelatiko» where you will experience the art of barrel making of the past by the coopers of our winery. Continuing the tour you will have the opportunity to visit the Imperial Cellar and admire the vintage barrels containing sweet mavrodaphne dating back to 1873. The next stop is the Underground Wine Cellar where you will learn the right ways to properly age wine. Finally, you will complete these tours with selected wine tasting at the Cava Danielis where you can also see the office of the founder of Achaia Clauss, Gustav Clauss, and admire the beautiful view of Patras from the balcony of Bella Vista!
  • Tour duration:
    30-50 min
  • Tour languages:
    Greek, English
  • Tour cost:
    It depends on the tour and tasting program chosen by the visitor.
  • Tasting room:
    The tasting room in Antonopoulos Vineyards is fully equipped and can serve up to 20 people at the same time.
  • Number of wines tasted:
    4 glasses per person
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  • Parking:
  • Children reception:
    Antonopoulos K. Vineyards and Achaia Clauss offers free entry for children under 18, but there is no dedicated area for them to occupy during the tour.
  • Free WiFi: