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Panagiotopoulos Wines

Panagiotopoulos Wines’ story begins when Dimitris Panagiotopoulos, after working in another winery for years, decided to produce his own wines. So in 1982, together with his father who was a viticulturist and other partners, he began the realization of his dream. The winery of the company was completed in 2005 and since then the organic Panagiotopoulos Wines which are produced in an area of great beauty, Messinia, are, officially, a fact.


  • Why it’s worth visiting:
    Because Panagiotopoulos Wines have Messinia as their hometown and this area has a long history (since prehistoric times) a huge cultural heritage, marvelous beaches, nature protection zones Natura and, of course, the well-known olive oil of Messinia as well as other local products. So Panagiotopoulos Wines are, on their own, an important wine tourism destination, especially for those who prefer organic wines.
  • Open days & hours:
    Open to visitors throughout the year, except Sundays, 09:00-14:00.
  • Tour:
    Of the vineyard, winery, tasting room, and cellar.
  • Tour duration:
    40 minutes
  • Tour languages:
    Greek, English.
  • Tour cost:
  • Tasting room:
    Panagiotopoulos Wines have a fully equipped tasting room which can serve up to 20 people at the same time.
  • Number of wines tasted:
    4-6 wines, accompanied by cheeses, delicatessen and local rustic bread.
  • Wine shop:
    Panagiotopoulos Wines offers a special wine shop (with a discount of around 10% on market prices), where wines, which are not on the market, are sold as well. Special packaging for the wines as well as their delivery within Greece and abroad are offered.
  • eShop:
  • Credit card:
  • Label number:
  • Organic production:
  • Annual production:
    250,000 bottles
  • Parking:
  • Children reception:
    Panagiotopoulos Wines does not offer anything special for children reception, except from juice during the tour.
  • Accesible by people with disabilities:
  • Free WiFi: