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Region: Argolis

Domaine Skouras

Domaine Skouras is situated in the Northeastern Peloponnese, in Nemea, the largest and possibly the most exciting Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for red wines in Greece. All of our wines express clearly our philosophy which is reflected by the words: Purity, Varietal clarity, Tracing of the region’s mesoclimate, Imprint of the terroir. Situated amongst vineyards, Domaine Skouras is an ultra-modern winemaking facility, with an elegant Greek architecture, designed to ensure:
• Proper and thorough procedures of the highest standards in all aspects of wine production and bottling.
• A first-class experience for visitors seeking education,entertainment, wine tastings and an understanding of local culture.

Papantonis Winery

In 1992, the two siblings, Kallie and Antonis Papantonis, founded the winery that bares the same name, south of Argos. Its vineyard is in the PDO Nemea wine zone and was bought in 1979, by Antonis, who after a career in Greek and foreign businesses decided to work away from large cities, near nature, related to vine and wine. So, after he acquired wine experiences, he built, together with his sister, a marketing director, Papantonis winery (today Kallie has left the business).
The goal of the winery was and remains to focus only on two Greek varietals (Agiorgitiko and Roditis) and an international one (Chardonnay). Therefore it produces only two dry wines (PDO Nemea and a white Roditis-Chardonnay wine) and a sweet one, made of Agiorgitiko, with the ancient Greek name “Lysimelis” (that which can make your limps numb). The names of the dry wines are also ancient Greek: “Meden Agan” (meaning “nothing in excess”) and “Metron Ariston” (“moderation is best”). The privately owned vineyards of Papantonis winery are near the winery, on slopes, at an average altitude of 320 meters.

Koroniotis Winery

Kyriakos Koroniotis obtained a Master of Science in multi-task chemical engineering. He studied in England and in the Netherlands, and after completing his education he worked in various laboratories, gaining experience in the food industry also in wine, soil and plant analysis. He returned to Greece in 1990 where he planted the family vineyard and began producing experimental varietal wines.

Kyriakos Koroniotis is dedicated to quality, and personally guides the winemaking process from bud-break to harvest through to bottling. He combines modern, sophisticated equipment and techniques with the age-old skills of the winemaker’s art.

Kyriakos Koroniotis, as owner and winemaker, creates the wines to achieve an authentic Greek style with depth of fruit concentration and flavors. The wine is well balanced and has sound structure. In our winery, French and American oak barrels are used extensively for aging. Kyriakos Koroniotis carefully keeps the vineyards in excellent condition using his agricultural and soil-science background. Koroniotis Estate Winery has made a name for itself as a quality wine producer and the quality of the estate wines has been recognized through local and international wine competition award medals.