Antonopoulos Vineyards

Kydonies Vasiliko – 250 08, Achaia
+30 26940 61447

Antonopoulos Vineyards were established by Konstantinos Antonopoulos, a visionary who believed in the excellent quality potential of the soil of the Peloponnese and especially mountainous and semi-mountainous Achaia, for the production of fine wines.
Since he passed away, Antonopoulos Vineyards continue to be inspired by his vision, focusing on highlighting the unique native Greek varieties. Today, their new, modern winery is where their main vineyard lies, while more Antonopoulos Vineyards are in different parts of Achaia, at an altitude of 150 to 900 meters.

Why it’s worth visiting Because Antonopoulos Vineyards have a state of the art winery and staff that is among the most highly qualified in the world of wine internationally. Moreover because Antonopoulos Vineyards is one of the wineries that played a key role in what we call “the rebirth” of Modern Greek wine.
Tour Of the vineyard, tasting room, winery and cellar.
Tour languages Greek, English
Tasting room  The tasting room in Antonopoulos Vineyards is fully equipped and can serve more than 20 people at the same time.
Label number 14
PDO Wines Mantinia
Parking Yes


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