Semeli Estate

Koutsi, Nemea – 205 00, Corinthia
+30 27460 20360, +30 27460 23960

Since 1979 “an evolving tradition in winemaking excellence” Founded in 1979, with deep roots in time-honored winemaking traditions and eyes on the future, the Semeli Estate produces wines of exceptional quality offering consumers best value for money. The sunny Mediterranean climate and the extraordinary terroir, combined with the expert craftsmanship of our winemakers and the successful blending of indigenous and international varieties, result in wines of distinct character that have earned the respect of experts and captured the hearts of wine lovers worldwide. Semeli Estate ranks among the country’s most advanced and significant wine-related developments … in the heart of a unique Greek terroir Our privately-owned hillside vineyards span 32 acres, while another 100 acres are grown by affiliated local winegrowers. This allows for continuous quality control throughout the growing season – an absolute must for consistently producing great wines. Our state-of-the-art 4,200m² facility in the Nemea winemaking country, which can produce up to two million bottles annually, is a benchmark winery at a national level both in terms of innovative layout and excellent services. Designed with respect for the natural environment and built on a vineyard covered hillslope with a long reputation of producing vintage grapes, the Semeli winery reflects our holistic approach to modern winemaking. The Semeli-owned vineyards and those grown by affiliated winegrowers span more than 250 acres in the PDO areas of Nemea and Mantinia, as well as in other parts of the Peloponnese. To ensure the best grape quality possible, the Semeli-owned vineyards are currently in the process of transitioning from conventional to organic cultivation. In the next five years Semeli Estate plans to double its company-owned acres and develop ideal terroirs for the cultivation of well-known Greek and international varieties, as well as rare indigenous ones, which will produce unique single vineyard/single cru wines of exceptional quality.

Why it’s worth visiting #SemeliWineExperience
Live a unique wine experience. The Winery and the private vineyards are located in the heart of Korinthia, the land rich with the history of kings and heroes. Designed with respect for the natural environment and with an innovative layout, the modern and stylish Semeli winery blends perfectly with the beautiful surrounding landscape. The Semeli Estate is located at an altitude of 600m on a hillslope covered with vineyards, one of Greece’s most celebrated terroirs. Its strategic location in the winemaking region of Nemea ensures a healthy vineyard ecosystem, while offering visitors stunning views in a peaceful and relaxing setting. In the midst of culture… The Winery also offers easy access to internationally acclaimed archaeological sites of both historical and cultural interest, located in the vicinity. Amongst them in Ancient Nemea, the Temple to Zeus, the Archaeological Museum, and Ancient Stadium, The Acropolis at Mycenae and the Ancient Theatre at Epidavros. Not forgetting the first Capital City of Greece, Nafplion with its Venetian charm and the Environmental Museum overlooking the Lake of Stymphalia, home to the mythical birds of Homeric times. A forward-looking winery… Semeli Estate is among the first to focus on the growing trend of wine tourism and the promotion of wine culture’s time-honored traditions. Travelers of all ages, students and oenophiles from around the globe visit the Semeli Estate to get a fascinating insight into the world of viticulture and winemaking.
Open days & hours Our doors are open, Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Saturday & Sunday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm For more information please contact us at +306985161414 or email us at
Tour  The Estate oenologists have designed for friends and visitors, three Wine Tasting Programmes by the name of #SEMELIWINEEXPERIENCE each with a promise of an inspired initiation into the world of wine. The winery tour takes you through the production area to acquaint you with the process of grape collection and vinification, the bottling area and finally our impressive cellar enabling you to explore the wine maturation process. The tour offers our guests the opportunity to taste a selection of the award-winning Semeli wines in our cellar or our tasting hall, paired with a selection of local cheeses, as well as country-style rusks, breadsticks and crackers.
Tour duration  1-1.5 hours
Tour languages Greek, English
Tour cost It depends on the Wine Tasting Program.
Tasting room  Semeli’s tasting room is fully and perfectly equipped and can serve 50 or more people at the same time.
Number of wines tasted  4 labels for the 1st Wine Tasting Program.
Wine shop  Yes
Credit card Yes
Label number 16
Organic production Yes
PDO Wines 4
Annual production  1,000,000 bottles
Parking  Yes
Guesthouse Yes
Accesible by people with disabilities Yes
Free WiFi Yes


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