Achaean Winery

Korinthou 121 – 251 00, Aigio, Achaia
+30 26910 28062

With a long tradition in the historic wine region of Aigio (since 1946), the Katsikostas family is in its 3rd generation, which is the siblings Lucas and Sossana (who has studied oenology in France). So in 2004 Achaean Winery is created and brother and sister take up the winery. The selection of the best grapes in Achaia and Aigialia, especially mountainous Aigialia, even from less common grape varieties (e.g. Sideritis) and their optimal use is the vision of Achaean Winery for its wines.

Why it’s worth visiting Because one can reach Achaean Winery easily, since access there is very easy and can take advantage of the neighboring beaches of Aigio. Also because in Achaean Winery the visitor will find the warm hospitality of a family business, which was created and operates with care.
Open days & hours Open to visitors all year round, daily, 09:00-14:00, upon request.
Tour  Of the vineyard, winery, tasting room.
Tour duration  30 minutes
Tour languages Greek, English, French
Tour cost Free
Tasting room  The tasting room in Achaean Winery is fully equipped and can serve up to 20 people at the same time.
Number of wines tasted  Depending on the situation.
Wine shop  Achaean Winery has a special wine shop (with a discount of around 20-25% on market prices). It provides wine delivery within Greece and abroad.
Credit card No
Label number 7
PDO Wines Patras
Annual production  35,000 bottles
Parking  Yes
Children reception Achaean Winery does not offer anything special for the reception of children but it does provide juice during the tour.
Accesible by people with disabilities Yes
Free WiFi Yes


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