Lafkiotis Winery

Ancient Kleones – 205 00, Corinthia
+30 27460 31000

The story of Lafkiotis Winery begins in 1963 when the family with the same name is already producing wines in Ancient Kleonai, in what would later be Nemea’s wine producing zone. There, very close to the unique temple of Ancient Greece dedicated to the demigod Hercules, Lafkiotis Winery produces its wines today, from strictly selected grapes and markets them both to the Greek market and many markets abroad.

Why it’s worth visiting Because in Lafkiotis Winery the visitor will find a home-like and family hospitality and will taste their wines in an elegant setting where stone and wood create a warm atmosphere. Also because in Lafkiotis Winery the well-organized visitor can arrange their wine tasting accompanied by a meal or mini meal, including local products, even special tastings, always upon request.
Open days & hours Open to visitors throughout the year, daily, 10:00-15:00, upon request.
Tour  Of the tasting room and wine aging cellar.
Tour duration  50-60 minutes
Tour languages Greek, English
Tour cost 6.15 € per person
Tasting room  The tasting room in Lafkiotis Winery is fully equipped and can serve more than 50 people at the same time.
Number of wines tasted  4 wines, accompanied by gruyere and bread.
Wine shop  Lafkiotis Winery offers a special wine shop (offering a discount of around 15% on market prices). Special packaging is offered for the wines.
Credit card No
Label number 17
PDO Wines Nemea
Annual production  880,000 bottles
Parking  Yes
Accesible by people with disabilities Yes
Free WiFi Yes

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