Domaine Skouras

10th km Argos-Sternas – 212 00, Malandreni, Argolida
+30 27510 23688

George Skouras, originated from Argos, after studying oenology in France and working in wineries both there and in Italy and Greece, started his own wine-producing unit, Domaine Skouras, initially at Gymno, Nemea (this was in the 80’s). In 2004 he created the winery he has today, in Malandreni, a village in the northwest of Argos, also within the PDO Nemea wine zone. While it has state of the art equipment, the least possible interventions are made for the production of wine in Domaine Skouras both in viticulture and winemaking. On the outside, Domaine Skouras has a unique architecture, resembling a traditional French winery (chateaux) while inside it is modern and is one of the most interesting wine tourism wineries in Greece.

Why it’s worth visiting Because Domaine Skouras is one of the wineries in Greece that have invested most in wine tourism, with spaces of high aesthetics, able to host, initiate, educate and entertain the visitors. In its premises the production process, from grape reception to the aging cellar and the warehouses is depicted directly and vividly for the visitor to experience. Mainly, however, because the lucky ones toured by the wine producer himself, George Skouras, will enjoy a unique experience of visiting a winery, having a cosmopolitan wine-lover and talented communicator as a guide, who makes the visit to Domaine Skouras, enjoyable and unforgettable.
Open days & hours Domaine Skouras is open for visitors all year round, upon request, Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 and Saturday 10:30-18:00.
Tour  Of the winery, cellar (capacity of 1000 barrels), tasting room with the use of media.
Tour duration  40 minutes
Tour languages Greek, English, French
Tour cost 9 € per person
Tasting room  The tasting room in Domaine Skouras is fully and perfectly equipped and can accommodate 100 or more people at the same time.
Number of wines tasted  4, along with local cheese and bread.
Wine shop  Domaine Skouras offers a special wine shop (which offers a discount of around 15% of market prices), which also sells wines which are not on the market, wine accessories and books. Special packaging and shipping of wine in Greece and abroad is also offered.
Credit card Yes
Label number 17
PDO Wines Nemea
Annual production  800,000 bottles
Parking  Yes
Children reception Domaine Skouras provides a treat for children but there is no special play area for them during the tour.
Accesible by people with disabilities Yes
Free WiFi Yes


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