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Giannikos Winery

Dimokritou 26 – 201 00, Corinth
+30 694 718 1973

The Giannikos Winery is a family owned organic winery based in Corinth on the Peloponnese in Greece. We own 8 ha of vines on two sites, one in Corinth around our winery and the other in Mycenae, near the famous archaeological site and birthplace of Greek viticulture almost 4,000 years ago. We believe that a good wine has its roots in the vineyard from healthy and natural vines. That’s why we cultivated and produce strictly organic. Today we are considered as one of the leading organic wineries in Greece and we export 80% of our production all over the world. All our wines are single varietal because we are convinced that this way, we can show our passion for quality and give each grape variety the attention that it deserves. We have been awarded several times at international wine competitions such as AWC Vienna and Millesime Bio.

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Domaine Nikolaou

Ntouramani – Nemea, Corinthia
+30 697 848 6006

The Domaine Nikolaou operates since 1984 in the region of “Ntouramani” Nemea. Founder and person in charge of the production is Giannis Nikolaou with studies on enology and viticulture at the University Bordeaux in France. The winery is equipped with modern installations and the private vineyard numbers 14he cultivated with organic methods, emphasizing on the character of the “terroir” and applying a natural approach during the production.

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Koroniotis Winery

Panorama – 212 00, Argos, Argolis
+30 27511 02416

Kyriakos Koroniotis obtained a Master of Science in multi-task chemical engineering. He studied in England and in the Netherlands, and after completing his education he worked in various laboratories, gaining experience in the food industry also in wine, soil and plant analysis. He returned to Greece in 1990 where he planted the family vineyard and began producing experimental varietal wines.

Kyriakos Koroniotis is dedicated to quality, and personally guides the winemaking process from bud-break to harvest through to bottling. He combines modern, sophisticated equipment and techniques with the age-old skills of the winemaker’s art.

Kyriakos Koroniotis, as owner and winemaker, creates the wines to achieve an authentic Greek style with depth of fruit concentration and flavors. The wine is well balanced and has sound structure. In our winery, French and American oak barrels are used extensively for aging. Kyriakos Koroniotis carefully keeps the vineyards in excellent condition using his agricultural and soil-science background. Koroniotis Estate Winery has made a name for itself as a quality wine producer and the quality of the estate wines has been recognized through local and international wine competition award medals.

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Strofilia Estate

Asprokampos – 205 00, Nemea, Corinthia
+30 6944 052 851

Our Strofilia winery in Asprokambos is located at the Stymfalia lake plateau, at an altitude of 800m. Featuring wine fermentation with grape capacity of up to 1,000 tons, this is the largest mountain winery in Greece. Here, we ferment both grapes from the Agiorgitiko variety to make our Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) NEMEA wine, and multiple variety grapes grown in Stymfalia and the neighboring mountain vineyards of Mamousia and Mantineia, to make Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wine. At the same time, the oenologist team at Strofilia is applying new methods of wine-making, researching the results of using a variety of materials (different barrels) and techniques, envisioning new products based on grapes and studying ways to produce them.

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Estate Theodorakakos

17th klm Sparti-Githion National Road – Lakonia
+30 27310 36555

Estate Theodorakakos is situated in the heart of Laconia, near the fortified town of Monemvasia and Mystras and has had a family connection to the vine and the wine of the area since the beginning of the 20th century. It focuses on the organic cultivation of its privately-owned vineyards (around 40 hectares), vinifying grape solely from them and native grape varieties, some of which are rare, like Mavroudi and Kydonitsa.
“Centuries have shown that wine is a companion that brings people together, makes joy greater, moments unforgettable and softens our hearts in difficult circumstances. We in Estate Theodorakakos, more than ever, feel the need to share it with you”, say the people of the estate, signing their wines with their philosophy and attitude.

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Monemvasia Winery

Velies Monemvasia – 230 70, Lakonia
+30 27320 53096

Monemvasia Winery was founded in 1997 in the area that bares the same name. There is where its sweet white wine, the Malvasia wine (Malvasia=Monemvasia in Frankish), became the most famous wine almost globally in the late Middle Ages (12th century) and for almost five centuries. Monemvasia Winery starred in a long process for international recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin for this wine in modern times, as of Greek origin, objective that was achieved. Starting 2009 the wine PDO Monemvasia-Malvasia is a fact (the first PDO Monemvasia-Malvasia wine by Monemvasia Winery was bottled in 2013).

The privately-owned vineyard of the winery, around 30 hectares, is planted with native varieties, in an area with an interesting topography, soil and subsoil diversity, a lot of winds and a neighboring sea. These are factors that benefit the grapes used by Monemvasia Winery for the production of wines as stated by the many international awards and distinctions won till today.

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Gaia Wines

Koutsi Nemea – 205 00, Corinthia
+30 27460 22057

Gaia Wines, in Nemea (Koutsi) is the creation of two agriculturists (Giannis Paraskevopoulos, Leon Karatsalos), while the first one is a PhD of oenology as well as a professor of oenology. In other words, there is no way two agriculturists won’t place emphasis on the vineyard and that is exactly what they do. Therefore low yields and the appropriate cultivation is a rule for Gaia Wines. So this winery has produced iconic wines for the Greek market, just like it was with the other winery of the company, in Santorini. Gaia Wines was, anyway, established in 1997, in the heart of the semi-mountainous vineyard, with the goal of thoroughly investigating Greek grape varieties, to their limits, with knowledge and proper use of state of the art technology.

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Nemeion Estate

Nemea – 205 00, Corinthia
+30 27460 20700

Nemeion Estate was established in Nemea by the oenologist and third generation winemaker Giorgos Vassiliou, who has important wine producing activity in Attica as well. It includes a small wine museum, a multipurpose and application space, with a view of the vineyard of Nemea and a small guesthouse. Nemeion Estate has vineyards in Koutsi (almost 2 hectares), in Petri (around 3.5 hectares) and in Asprokampo Nemea (almost 6 hectares). Its winery is state of the art, isobaric (the first in Greece) and it functions on five levels. Its design is such that, indicatively it must be said that, despite the absence of windows, natural light reaches from the two patios all the way down to the underground cellar.

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Lafkiotis Winery

Ancient Kleones – 205 00, Corinthia
+30 27460 31000

The story of Lafkiotis Winery begins in 1963 when the family with the same name is already producing wines in Ancient Kleonai, in what would later be Nemea’s wine producing zone. There, very close to the unique temple of Ancient Greece dedicated to the demigod Hercules, Lafkiotis Winery produces its wines today, from strictly selected grapes and markets them both to the Greek market and many markets abroad.

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Estate Constantin Gofas

8 Efstathiou str – 205 00, Nemea, Corinthia
+30 27460 24281

Estate Constantin Gofas has a long wine producing tradition since from 1959 it has been using a privately-owned vineyard in two top vineyards of Nemea, Kutsi and Daphni and has been producing wines in a traditional way for many years. Vineyard (today almost 8 hectares of native and international varieties, in integrated management cultivation) and winery have been extended and modernized by Constantin Gofas, since 1998, aiming at the production of high quality wines. Respect to tradition and to the characteristics of the terroir but also a close following of developments is the philosophy of wine production in Estate Constantin Gofas.

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