Messinia wine roads

Messinia Wine Roads mainly concern its main wine-producing area, Trifilia (northwestern part of Messinia). However there are also vineyards in the areas of the municipalities Pylos-Nestoras (southwestern part) and Messini’s (southern central part).

There are many opportunities for wine tourism on Messinia Wine Roads:

  • Holidays on the west coast of Messinia (from Kyparissia to Methoni)

There are four main ways to access Messinia Wine Roads:

  1. The motorway of Eastern Peloponnese A7/E65, coming from Tripoli, goes across Eastern Messinia and ends in Kalamata
  2. The second branch of Olympian Road A9/E55, which comes from Patras and Pyrgo Ilias, from Kalo Nero and then goes across northern Messinia and meets the A7/E65 north of Kalamata (Tsakona junction)
  3. In continuation of the Olympian Road, National road 9, from Kalo Nero and after, goes across Trifilia, Pilia western Messinia (Kalo Nero, Kyparissia, Filiatra, Gargalianoi, Pylos, Methoni)
  4. National Road 82 comes from Sparta (from Sparta to Mystra EO84) through Taygetos, to Kalamata

Messinia Wine Routes

  1. Gargalianoi-Pyrgos (Pyrgaki for the locals)

Winery to be visited: Panagiotopoulos Wines

Messinia Wine Roads-Vineyard Trails:

  1. Kyparissia-Raches

Sites: Archaeological site Peristeria

  1. Filiatra-Moraina-Christianoupoli

Sites: Byzantine Castle-Town

  1. Filiatra-Agia Kiriaki-Marathopoli-Gargalianoi-Chora-Romanos-Gialova-Pylos-Methoni

Sites: Marathopoli and Proti island, waterfalls and museum of Valta, archaeological site of Ano Eglianou and Nestor’s Palace, Archaeological Museum of Chora, Nestor’s Cave (Petrochori), Gialova-Voidokoilia-Palaiokastro, Pylos town (Niokastro and archaeological museum), Venetian castle of Methoni