Korinthia wine roads

Corinthia Wine Roads are related to the largest part of the PDO Nemea wine-producing zone, which is the largest in Greece, both in vineyards and production (2nd in geographical place). A small area of the zone extends to Argolida.

There are many opportunities for wine tourism on Corinthia Wine Roads:

  • A one day trip from the basin of Athens-Piraeus. Quick and easy transport, especially through Attica Road (1,5 hour to Nemea the most). The events “Great Days of Nemea” are a very good opportunity, in August

  • Holidays in Kineta or Loutraki or Vouliagmeni Lake (Ireon). Visit to Nemea on a one-day trip

  • Holidays in Kiato, Vrachati, Xylokastro and generally on the northern coasts of Corinthia. Visit to Nemea during a one-day trip

  • A journey towards Tripoli, Sparta, Kalamata. With a slight delay, through the Ancient Kleones junction there is easy access to Nemea and a possibility of visiting at least 6 wineries

Three are the basic ways to access Corinthia Wine Roads:

  1. From Athens and Piraeus, the motorway A8/E64 reaches Corinth (The junction to Loutraki and Lake Heraion is before the Isthmus) and then the Eastern Peloponnese motorway A7/E65 (towards Tripoli) reaches the wider area of Nemea. There, there are 3 ways to enter the wine-producing zone: Firstly, the new junction towards Archaies Kleones (Kontostavlos), a little more to the south is the main entrance to Nemea and more to the south the entrance to Sterna (in Argolida) which leads to Nemea through Gymno and Leontio, passing through the part of the zone which is in the municipality of Argolida. From Sterna junction the provincial road to Argos and Nafplio begins.

  2. From Patras, the first part under construction on the Ionian Road (A8/E65) reaches to Corinth and then like referred to above. However, there is the possibility of someone taking the provincial road from Kiato to Stymfalia (Souli, Climenti, Kefalari Corinthia, Kalianoi, and Stymfalia) and get to Nemea by turning towards Asprokampos, Krioneri, Petri, Nemea.

  3. Very important and highly helpful in wine and general tourism is the connection between Nemea and the PDO Mantinia wine-producing zone, through the EO66 (Nemea, Aidonia, Galatas, Psari, Skotini, Kandila, Levidi).

Corinthia Wine Routes

  1. Archaies Kleones junction-Ancient Nemea

Wineries to visit: Lafkiotis WineryPapaioannou VineyardsPalivos Estate

  1. Main Nemea junction-Nemea

Wineries to visit: Domaine RepanisKtima Lantides Estate

  1. Nemea-Asopos River (Daphne-Kastraki-Asprokampos)

Wineries to visit: Nemeion EstateZachariasEstate Gofas

  1. Nemea-Koutsi

Wineries to visit: Gaia-WinesSemeli

  1. Kiato-Klimenti-Asprokampos-Nemea

Wineries to visit: Domaine Gioulis

Corinthia Wine Roads – Wine trails

  1. Nemea-Asprokampos-Kefalari Corinth- Lake Stymfalia-Kastania Corinth-Lake Doxa-Feneos

Sites: A round of Lake Stymfalia (natural lake) by bike or car, Environmental Museum of Stymfalia, Zarakas Monastery (1236 AD)Lake Doxa (artificial lake north of the village Ancient Feneos), Feneos Valley, a landscape of natural beauty from Feneo to Mati, Archaeological site of Ancient Feneos, Archaeological Museum of Ancient Feneos, Historical Museum of Folklore Art Petroulia (Feneos), Monastery of Saint George Feneos (of Fonias, 1693 Ad, north of Lake Doxa), Folklore Museum George Milios (Lafka)

  1. Ancient Nemea-Dervenakia(Fichti-Mycenae)

Sites: Ancient site and museum Mycenae

  1. Nemea-Aidonia-Ziria (Killini mountain)

Sites: Mycenaean cemetery Aidonia

  1. Ancient Nemea-Nemea-Xerokampos Nemeas-Ancient Fliounta-Asopos river

Sites: Ancient Fliounta, Asopos River

  1. Nemea-Koutsi(-Stimaga-Vrachati)

Sites: Folklore exhibition Stimagkas