Arkadia wine roads

Arcadia Wine Roads mainly go through the Central-Eastern part of the area, through the zone of PDO Mantinia wines. The field of Mantinia is a plateau with an average height of 660 metres, between the mountain Mainalos and Oligyrtos, Artemisio, Ktenias and Parnonas. Many are the wine tourism opportunities in the Arcadia Wine Roads:

  • After the Artemision tunnel lays the field of Mantinia. Summer and winter holidays, with according activities, either in Mainalos (Gortynia, Ostrakina ski center, Lusius etc) either in Kynouria (mountain villages, Astros, Coastal Astros, Leonidio, Plaka) combined with visits to vineyards and wineries. Taking advantage of the Nestani Junction and the local community roads, visits to at least three to six wineries in Arcadia are a realistic number
  • The same goes for the destination of Messinia or Lakonia, in slightly more time and kilometers.

Five are the main ways to access Arcadia Wine Roads:

  1. The motorway of Eastern Peloponnese A7/E65 which goes across the whole of Arcadia, coming from Corinth. It reaches Tripoli and continues Southwest towards Megalopoli, Kalamata
  2. A little outside Tripoli, the National Road 39/E961 comes from Gythion and Sparta
  3. From the A7/E65, a little after the tunnel of Artemision, at Nestani junction, the National Road 74 begins, which runs across Northern Arcadia towards Northern Gortynia, Mainalos, Ancient Olympia, Pyrgos
  4. National Road 33 from Patras (Achaia) meets the EO7
  5. National Road 76 from Ancient Olympia and Adritsaina (Ilia), meets A7/E65 in Megalopoli

Very important and highly helpful in wine but also in general tours is the connection of Mantinia with the wine producing area PDO Nemea, in Corinthia, through the EO66 (Levidi, Kandila, Psari, Scotini, Galatas, Aidonia, Nemea).

Arcadia Wine Routes

  1. From Tripoli north to Chania, Scopi, Fteri-Milia Tripolis, Ancient Mantinia
    Winery to visit: Domaine Spiropoulos
  2. From Tripoli southeast to North Kynouria (Tripoli-Episkopi, Stadio-Magoula-Rizes-Ano Doliana)
    Wineries to visit: Olympus Hellas, Domaine Tselepos
  3. The two roads above are connected by a local road from Milia, Tripoli to Zevgolatio, Korythio and Rizes Tegea
    Winery to visit: Kalogeropoulos Vineyards
  4. From Tripoli southwest to Thana-Pallantium -Tripolis
    The first entrance to the Mantinia field is Nestani junction (straight after the Artemision tunnel) and from there the existing community road network permits a visit to all the wineries, with many alternative routes, without going through Tripoli

Arcadia Wine Roads – Wine trails

1. Tripoli-Alea-Stadio-Rizes-Ano and Kato Doliana-Astros and Coastal Astros (round north Kynouria)
Sites: Episkopi Archaeological site, Tegea Archaeological Museum. After Doliana there are many choices for routes in North Kynouria

2. Tripoli-Merkovouni-Chania-Milia Tripolis-Artemission-Levidi-Neos Kardaras-Kapsas
Sites: Mantinia Archaeological site, Temple of Saint Photeini, Arcadian Museum History (Levidi), Prehistoric Orchomenus, the Cave of Kapsia. This route can be expanded to many different directions towards Mainalos and Gortynia