Achaia wine roads

Achaia Wine Roads mainly go through its central and eastern part, although vine cultivation is widely spread in the whole area. Achaia Wine Roads include 4 PDO wines zones:

As far as wine tourism is concerned, Achaia Wine Roads go across perhaps the most charming vineyard of Achaia and one of the most beautiful ones in Greece. It is that of Aigialia, with some parts from the area of Kalavryta. The quick rise in altitude, which reaches more than 850 meters (high there are areas where vines are next to firs) the steep slopes, the five big canyons and the huge view of the Corinthian Golf and opposite them the beaches and mountains of Roumeli are some of its characteristics.

There are many opportunities for wine tourism in the Achaia Wine Roads:

  • Summer vacations on the northern coast of Aigialia and central Achaia or winter holidays on their mountain villages
  • The excursion to Kalavryta finds its way to the winery
  • The destination is Rio, for the transport to the other side (through the bridge, which is, on its own, a site worth seeing) or Patras, to take a boat or to head towards the West for western Achaia and Ilia, with a very slight delay in time and kilometers leads to at least 4 wineries.

Four are the ways to access Achaia Wine Roads:

  1. The 1st branch of Olympia Road A8/E65 leads to Rio Patras, coming from Athens-Corinthia, across Northern Achaia (Akrata, Diakopoto, Aigio) and its second branch A9/E55 begins directed towards the regional road of Patras, Vrachnaiika, Kato Achaia and Ilia. The road from Corinth to Rio is under construction and its larger part has only one lane. The delay the works will cause is up to an hour since the road is also used by tracks

  2. The Ionian Road 5/E55 goes past the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge and leads to Rio, from Epirus and Aitoloakarnania (National Route 5)

  3. National Route 33 leads from Patra to the Southeast part of Achaia, towards Kalavryta, Klitoria and continues to Vytina

  4. National Route 31 begins from A8/E55 from Pounta, Trapeza beach and leads to Kalavryta

Achaia Wine Routes

In Aigialia, access to the wineries to be visited is relatively easy, but the visit to the vineyards is a pleasant adventure. From the five canyons that cross Achaia Wine Roads transverse routes (East-West) are completely excluded. So it is necessary, in order for someone to visit the vineyards to go up and down several times with a direction to the north-south and the other way round. However, these are very pleasant routes with an extraordinarily pleasant view, worthwhile.

  1. Pounta (Trapeza Beach)-Ano Diakopo

Winery to be visited: Tetramythos Winery

  1. Eastern entrance of the city of Aigion-Aigion-western exit of the city of Aigion (Meganitis Bridge)

Wineries to visit: Kintonis WineryAchaion WineryCavino

  1. Aigion-Selinountas

Winery to visit: Rouvalis Winery – Oenoforos

  1. Aigion-Selianitika-Arravonitsa

Winery to visit: Rira Vineyards

  1. Patras-Patras suburb (Bozaitika)

Winery to visit: Parparoussis Winery

  1. Patras-Demenika-Ovria- Vasilikos Faros Kydonies

Winery to visit: Antonopoulos Vineyards

  1. Patras-Patras Beach-Vrachnaiika-Kaminia-Ano Soudenaiika-Neochori-Santomeri

Winery to be visited: Sant’Or Wines

The first route of Achaia Wine Roads can turn into a tour of Kalavryta. The 2nd and 3rd wine routes are easily combined. The 6th and 7th wine routes can also be combined and except for visits to wineries, a larger tour could be done in the areas of Farrai and Olenia.

Achaia Wine Roads – Wine trails

  1. Akrata-Valimi-Tsivlou Lake-Peristera-Zarouchla

Sites: Tsivlou Lake (created by a landslide in 1912) and, after that, the landscape from Peristera to Zarouchla is very interesting

  1. Pounta-Ano Diakopto-Mega Spileo-Kato Zachlorou-Kalavryta-Ano and Kato Loussoi (or Soudena) -Spileo Limnon(Kastria)-Klitoria-Sela-Pagkrati Klitorias

Sites: Monastery Megalo Spileo, Aesthetic Forest Kalavryta (Natura area), city of Kalavryta, Museum Thisia Kalavryton, Monastery of Agia Lavra, Ancient Lousoi, Cave of the Lakes with its museum (Natura area, Kastria). Pausanias’s Vine (Pagrati), springs of the rivers Aroanios and Ladon

If the return trip from that route is made through Klitoria, there is a possibility of accessing Ano Klitoria (Ancient Kleitor), Priolitho, Lagovouni and Scepasto. From there the continuation of the route can be towards Kalavryta or towards Aigion (through Drosato, Petsakes, Valtas, Pteris, Selinounta). Either within Achaia Wine Roads or not, one must do this trip along the funicular railway in the canyon of Vouraikos, from Diakofto to Kalavryta or the other way round, at least once. Moreover, west of Punta is the road that leads towards the village of Trapeza (with a possibility of accommodation and food), while, further up the road there is a plateau with vineyards and a view as if you were in an airplane.

  1. Aigion-Derveni-Mamousia-Doumena

Sites: Mamousia Plateau, Ancient Kyrenia, Mamousia Memorial (Funerary monument in Agios Konstantinos)

  1. Aigion- Foniskaria-Melissia-Taxiarches Monastery

Sites: The Monastery visited, of the Almighty Taxiarches is from 1450 AD in direct contact with Palaiologoi and Mystras. There the local sweet “Rodozachari” is produced from rose gardens of the monastery

  1. Aigion-Chatzis-Dafnes-Paraskevi

Sites: The route through the wine-producing zone is beautiful, with high firs and vines side to side

  1. Aigion-Agios Konstantinos-Mertidi-Lakka-Grigori-Verino-Myrovrisi-Sellianitika

Sites: A route that will give you food for the eyes: vines and a view of the Corinthian Golf

  1. Aigion-Longos (or Lampiri)-Kamares-Salmeniko-Salmeniko Castle

Sites: Medieval Castle Salmeniko (or Castle of Oria or Orgias), Salmeniko of Kamares Erineos.

From Kamares there is access to Ziria and Ano Ziria, with the beautiful plateau and vineyards-“balconies” to the Corinthian Golf.

  1. The combination of Wine Roads “f” and “g” can become a large tour in the areas of Fares and Olenia

Sites: Archaic Temple of Trapeza (Hellenic Koumari Fares), Museum of People and Local History (Chalandritsa Fares) Mycenean Semetary in Portes (or Kefalovryso) in Lousika Olenia