International white wine grape varieties


A rare varietal in the whole world anyway, Viognier has few but good samples of plantations and wines, finding good hospitality in its vineyards (Argolida Wine roads). These things allow white Viognier wines to maintain some of the aroma and taste features for which they are famous (fruity, flowery and spicy aromas and a soft mouth, with density).


The highly exotic Gewurztraminer has a small, but high quality presence in the Peloponnese (Arcadia Wine roads), maintaining an explosive nose, with its exoticism and the rich mouth of its white wines.


Perhaps the most famous white grape variety in the world; Chardonnay could not but be on the Peloponnese. On the contrary, except for widely spread there, it has acclimatized so well in the area of Trifilia (Messinia Wine roads) which even the natives consider to be… their own. The fairly warm climate of the area gives Chardonnay wines an exoticism in their aromas and rich taste with volume, characteristically expressing Peloponnesian terroirs, driven by the sun.

Sauvignon Blanc

Despite Greece’s warm climate, Sauvignon Blanc exists and offers good samples, planted in the coldest, once even mountainous vineyards of various areas, among them the Peloponnesian ones. There it maintains the profile for which it is loved worldwide, that is its explosive and refreshing aromatic character and its crisp acidity.
Having the Peloponnese vineyards as a heritage and wine making with state of the art technology as a weapon, Sauvignon Blancs are more exotic and mature here although they maintain their richness in herbs as well as their high acidity.

Trebbiano (Ugni Blanc)

Like in the rest of Greece, Trebbiano (Ugni Blanc) is cultivated in different parts of the Peloponnese, mainly to increase the acidity of some wine blends.